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Musclepharm Gets Brand New Website

Posted on: September 2016


At Piranha, our website design and development services are always in high demand. Last week, we launched a brand new website for Musclepharm, who are part of the Pan World Brands company.

Piranha has been working with Pan World Brands for several years, which means that we were extremely happy to be chosen to work on this exciting project.

Musclepharm is a leading manufacturer of sports clothing and accessories, including hats, shorts, t-shirts, joggers and jackets. We tried to keep the design in line with the sports and fitness theme by using images, colours and a layout that effectively capture the brand.

All of the products have been put into categories, for instance, women’s clothes, men’s clothes and accessories, so that visitors to the site can find what they’re looking for in a matter of seconds. Customers will only spend so long on a website before deciding whether they want to buy from it, which is why the organisation of pages is essential.

More information about our web services can be found on the website, or alternatively you can call 01772 888 331 to speak to a member of the Piranha team.