Outdoor Media

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Visual advertising is all about rising above the ‘creative noise’ of other advertisers.

With the ability to secure in the mind a visual brand image, outdoor media is the most impressive medium available, reaching potential customers that other forms of advertising don’t achieve. Placing your message where it matters, and a billboard advertising campaign will add an extended reach to other media campaigns, giving it a tangible presence in a customer friendly, non-intrusive environment.

Used by over 90% of the top 100 advertisers, outdoor media offers an extensive choice of formats and settings, including:

bill boards / bus stops / train/tube stations / buses / trains / trams and taxis, which cannot be fast-forwarded, closed or turned off!

Outdoor media can be one of the best formats to launch a new product, target young people and high-end consumers, to promote products used outside the home and those bought on impulse. If you are looking to deliver an outdoor media campaign with maximum impact, then let Piranha’s experienced team work with you to plan, develop and create the ultimate outdoor media message.

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