Radio Advertising

Piranha Solutions are a digital marketing and media advertising agency in Preston, Manchester, Blackpool and Warrington

The skill in successful advertising is to plan, develop and create the perfect message, and then communicate it, using the optimum advertising vehicle that will deliver your message to your target audience.

With listeners tuning in for long periods at a time, combined with the frequent airing of airtime commercials, radio advertising reaches that target audience; at the right time, in the right place, it is a relatively low-cost medium, making it a highly effective and affordable option for your advertising campaign.

Whatever your marketing objective is, Piranha has the expertise and knowledge to create a memorable radio advert, either as a stand-alone project, or to coincide with other forms of media advertising.

Piranha will work closely with you and take your initial ideas through to a fully managed campaign – we will also negotiate competitive rates for air time to ensure that you get the best deals and that your message reaches your target audience and stands out from your competitors.

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