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Creating a brand is more than simply designing a logo. A brand must be everything your business stands for. Yes, designing a logo is part of developing a corporate identity, but it’s only a small part of the greater brand identity picture.

Brand, Logo & Corporate Identity Design

For our clients wanting to invest in a new identity, brand refresh or want to shift the perception of their existing brand, there is a creative and design process we go through to achieve the desired outcomes. Firstly, we will carry out market research to get an understanding of what the existing brand represents or what is required from a new brand. We will speak to internal staff, customer groups, and existing influencers in the market. Following this, logos, colour pallets and statements are produced to communicate this proposition. After the creation of the logo is complete, the task of creating the brand identity really starts through the implementation of creative strategies and the application of the brand to all communication documents and channels.

Why is brand design so important?

A brand is a product or a company’s personality. In the same way people are attracted to people whose personality they like and have an affinity with, people are also attracted to brands that communicate a set of ideals that they aspire to.  Creating the right brand is as important as developing the right product or service and will have a huge impact on the success of sales or long-term company engagement.

According to BD On-Line, a brand is a unique design, sign, symbol, words, or a combination of these, employed in creating an image that identifies a product and differentiates it from its competitors

A brand encompasses the consumer’s complete experience with both the product and the company, which in turn provides the company with a strong market leverage tool. For example, Apple, built its brand on passion, innovation and technical style and it grew market share for meeting the wants and needs of modern consumers.

Brand Design by Piranha – How we develop Logos and brands that creates Impact

When bringing a new product or service to market, its critical the brand identifies, embraces and communicates core values to the target consumer group. At Piranha we create memorable brands following a framework of research, information gathering and creativity which leads us down a clear path to creating the perfect brand.

Stage 1. Brand personality

A brand development project starts with developing the brand personality. Often the brands personality can be influenced by other products and brands within a company’s portfolio, following a similar path of core values targeting known customer groups with complimentary brand messages. A brands personality will include core messages including value, quality, heritage, trust and integrity combined to create a brand personality distinctive from close competitors.

Stage 2. Market and user research

When the brand goals are set and a company’s personality is clear, the team at Piranha embark on the  research part of the project This includes customer research and competitor research to fully understand where to position the brand in the market and what elements of the brand personality needs to come out during the design process.  Not all elements of a brands personality can be given the same level of priority when the key is always top keep communication simple.

Stage 3. Logo design

Its easy to mistake a logo for a brand but logo design is only one stage in the process of branding. However, as the logo design itself often constitutes the most striking and memorable part of the brand it would be wrong to underestimate the role of logo design in the development of the final brand. Once our research has been completed and we also understand the brand personality, our creative team here at Piranha embark on the process of designing the logo which will ultimately be the centre piece of the branding exercise.

Stage 3. Brand Testing

After the creation of you logo, the team at Piranha will carry out test applications of the brand on creative items such as adverts, posters, stationery, vehicle livery, digital ads  and invite you to undertake initial test research with you target audience or customer base so we can be sure the brands personality is being successfully communicated . This test process is vital as during the brand development process we become familiar with the designs and what we want to achieve, but it’s often the customers who see the brand for the first time who are potentially more important and they will not have been exposed to the creative journey.

Stage 4. Brand Application

Following the successful research, the development of the logo and brand testing we are in a positional to work through the various brand applications and create artwork suitable for different media, different print processes and different applications. Together this creates the complete communication strategy ensuring the contact alignment of message no matter what medium is used. This process also covers specific items such as uniforms, give-a-ways, business cards, e-mail footers and is not just reserved more mayor communication tools such as websites or press adverts.

Stage 5. Corporate brand Guidelines

Now we have completed all the research, designed your logo, clarified the use of fonts, and colour pallets, tested it with you target audience and created the artwork for various applications, all this can now be clarified and fixed in the creation of a brand guidelines document. This document is the blueprint for any future application of the brand and protects the usage from “creative slip” which over time will result in the brand message being diluted or altered altogether. The brand Guidelines documents we create at Piranha can be simple or complex documents reflecting the number of communication channels the client uses and the number of external suppliers who have the opportunity to reproduce the brand.

Why choose Piranha to design your logo and create your brand

We have been lucky to design some great brands over the years at Piranha designing both consumer and trade branding solutions. We have worked closely with B&M Retail, Yeomans Outdoor, CEF, NHS, Lancashire County Council, Ponden Mill and Golden Wonder to name but a few which has given us a great insight into consumer behaviour and the relationship between brand message and buyer engagement  enabling us to deliver strong, impactful branding solutions for our clients that deliver results.

• Piranha first started designing logos and developing corporate brand identities in 2001 and since then we have delivered countless branding projects both trade and consumer

• We have an experienced in-house design team able to swiftly turnaround design and brand concepts

• We specialise in both consumer and trade brand identities

• A strong portfolio of successful branding design projects and case studies across many industry sectors showcases our capabilities

• We provide a one stop solution from initial creative brand concepts to the delivery of the final corporate identity project   

Start your Branding design project with Piranha today

Starting your branding design project today with Piranha could not be easier. Simply call our head office in Lancashire on 01772 888331 or fill in one of our enquiry forms and one of our brand design or management team will have a chat to you about your requirements. We may be able to provide a quick quote based on the outcome of the conversation, but we would prefer to come and visit you to learn more about your company and what your branding requirements are

Branding and Logo Design examples from Piranha

We have been providing brand design and logo creation services here at Piranha since the company was launched in 2001. We have designed many simple product logos and delivered major brand relauches across many business and consumer market sectors

Below are some examples of recent branding projects delivered by us which will give you an understanding of what to expect when working with Piranha

Brand development and logo Design, our conclusion here at Piranha

Brand development Is more than simply designing a logo, although the logo design does form the centre pin of any successful branding communication project. Carrying out the initial research and understanding the brands personality is key in making sure the branding exercise is a success.  If you are looking for a new logo, make sure you look at the bigger picture and see what benefits of turning a nice logo into a successful brand can have on your longer-term business performance.

Now is the time to start your branding design project with Piranha. Call us today on 01772 888331 for a free consultation and start increasing your return on investment


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