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Piranha Solutions are a digital marketing and media advertising agency in Preston, Manchester, Blackpool and Warrington

Email marketing is an invaluable addition to any marketing strategy. Effective and affordable, a well executed email campaign can target prospective and loyal customers alike and create a quantifiable return on investment.

Working closely with you, Piranha’s experienced team will develop a strategy for your email marketing campaign, identifying the key messages, what you hope to achieve from your campaign and how long the campaign should run.

Once the strategy is agreed, Piranha’s dedicated graphics team will create an email with impact and attraction, encouraging the recipient to engage with your company, building trust and loyalty. The email design will be attractive, sales focused and reflect your brand.

Email marketing by Piranha is a convincing way of building an emotional connection with your target audience and one that can be fully reported and tracked through bounces, delivery rates, open rates and click rates, allowing you to gage the effectiveness of the campaign.

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