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Piranha Solutions are a digital marketing and media advertising agency in Preston, Manchester, Blackpool and Warrington

With over a decade of experience in graphic design and advertising, Piranha has the knowledge, and expertise, backed up by a team of dedicated and talented designers, to produce packaging and labels that will ensure your product captivates and connects with your target market.

A trusted brand in the North West marketing industry, Piranha has been offering packaging and label design services to companies, both in the North West and across the UK, since 2001.

Experience has taught us that the needs of each client are completely different. We aim to work closely with you, through the design process, ensuring that your company’s unique brand identity is conveyed correctly by your all-important packaging design order.

Our track record proves that we possess the skills, creativity and experience to produce unique packaging and labels that will appeal to the target audience that our market research will unearth.


Although price, product quality and other factors influence the buying decisions of consumers, one cannot underestimate the significance of effective packaging design in delivering sales.

Packaging design is integral to the art of attraction in retail. Your packaging must reflect your brand’s identity and ethics. Meanwhile, it is important to find the right balance between standing out from the crowd and offering a level of familiarity to the potential customer that clearly communicates the nature of the packaged item. Our experts will conduct thorough research into appropriate colour-schemes, shapes and material to suit to specific needs of your business.

As well as being eye-catching, your packaging must also be functional. One key purpose any piece of packaging is to protect the product within. Packaging must be resilient enough to withstand transit, shelf-time and, in many cases, un-packing and re-packing by the user.

Another consideration, that our experts pay close attention to, is the way that textual information, such as ingredients and instructions, can influence purchase outcomes. Well-written, well-presented information can make or break the purchase process.

Our expert marketing professionals understand how to manipulate and maximise packaging design, taking a conversion-focussed approach into all stages of the process.

Our technical expertise enables us to work within the limited parameters of the standard packaging for markets as varied as food, fashion and entertainment. Each packaging design that we produce is underpinned by an in-depth understanding of consumer psychology and an awareness of the environmental concerns of both today and tomorrow.

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