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Piranha Solutions are a digital marketing and media advertising agency in Preston, Manchester, Blackpool and Warrington

Your point of sale displays must look good and work hard to capture the attention of your potential customers.


Piranha has a long track-record of creating innovative designs across various sectors of marketing. Our experts are able to work in the mediums of web design, packaging design and also with point-of-sale displays.

Our team are well-versed in taking a design from the conceptual stage all the way through to its in-store placement. Our meticulous work will ensure that, when it does arrive on the shop floor, your purchase will captivate and engage consumers and maximise your chances of increased sales.

Through close co-operation with our clients, we are able to offer industry-leading bespoke products. We aim to ensure that your company’s individuality shines through, in your one-of-a-kind finished article.

It is fair to say that, as the physical retail sphere is constricting, due to the growing power of e-commerce, it is now harder than ever to hold your ground in the real-world marketplace. Piranha are conscious of the modern retail climate and will bring this sensibility into your project work.

POS displays are a unique, specialised promotional tools that can be found strategically placed in supermarkets and high street stores. They are intended to increase the sales of products, often new or reduced in nature. An effective POS design will stimulate impulse purchasing, launching your customers into a buying cycle that can and will lead to repeat custom. Products that typically benefit from the strong positioning associated with POS displays include batteries, chewing gum and magazines. The displays themselves can be made from cardboard, foamboard or plastic and are intended to be easy to construct/deconstruct, to replace and to dispose of.

Whatever your specifications, Piranha’s professional POS design services are sure to help you to capture and hold the attention of your target market.

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