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PPC (Pay Per Click) is an online advertising model where advertisers pay each time a user clicks on one of their online ads as opposed to when a user views the advert.

PPC (Pay Per Click) – What is it?

PPC (Pay Per Click) is an online advertising model where advertisers pay each time a user clicks on one of their online ads as opposed to when a user views the advert. This Is distinctively different from traditional advertising models where the cost (or value) was based on the number of people able to view the advert. This was often shown as viewing figures, impressions, site traffic, distribution or circulation figures.

People often think that PPC (Pay Per Click) only relates to Google Ads, but it covers all search engines using this payment model. It can also refer to any form of online advertising where the advert can attract a click through to a landing page or website, for example articles on news sites, banner adverts on third party websites or adverts on social media platforms

Why Our Clients love the PPC (Pay Per Click) Model

Its not difficult to understand why our clients love the PPC model. Gone are the days of placing adverts where a flat fee was paid irrelevant of the number of customers that saw the advert or responded to it. By careful planning and tracking it is now possible to calculate the return on investment (ROI) of each campaign, carry out A/B testing and understand what triggers customers to click on your advert, visit the landing page , make that purchase or make a sales enquiry .  It is easy to set manageable budgets knowing how many people will see your advert, how many people will click on that advert (the average click through rate), how many people will make a purchase or make a sales enquiry (conversion rate). By linking into internal sales information, this can then be incorporated to understand either the average on-line sales value or the enquiry conversion rate/average order to produce an average cost per sale.

For all of our clients, we can provide an average cost per sale , both for e-commerce websites or b2b websites where the sales enquiry is also tracked through the sales process- Our clients love this simplistic reporting knowing what the cost of each sale is and helps plan future growth or production investment

PPC (Pay Per Click) Management Services from Piranha Digital

Having your PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign managed by a specialist digital agency such as Piranha is a wise move.  It is easy to set campaigns up wrong, to set the wrong budgets, to fail in setting up the correct tracking. Even using platforms designed to monitor ROI, far too often we come across clients who still don’t fully understand the cost of a sale, their average order value and Return on Investment

By using Piranha to manage your PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns not only will you save the time to set up and manage the campaign, but our case studies will show that our existing clients have a huge uplift in return on investment by utilising our skills and expertise built up over 20 years of planning, designing, implementing and reporting on PPC campaigns .

How we can help you with your PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising

1. Benchmark the current performance of your PPC campaign to fully understand your current return on investment

2. Analyse the performance of your competitors

3. Carry our market research on what customers are looking for 

4. Design specific campaigns targeting profitable parts of your business

5. Create adverts designed to increase the Click Through Rate (CTR) amongst your most profitable customer types

6. Carry our conversion rate optimisation (CRO) on your landing page to increase the goal conversion rate (the number of customers purchasing on-line or making a sales enquiry)

7. Develop A/B testing campaigns to explore new avenues and maximise engagement

8. Reduce your average cost per click

9. Reduce your average cost of sale

10. Provide regular reports covering all the key performance Indicators including quality score for the adverts, number of impressions, number of clicks, number of goal conversions, average cost per click, average cost per goal completion

Why choose Piranha Digital as your PPC (Pay Per Click) management company

Piranha was launched in 2001 – which was just after Google launched its PPC platform, so we have “grown up” with this advertising model generating an enormous wealth of PPC knowledge along the way.

Since this date, Piranha has been at the forefront of delivering PPC campaigns and providing exceptional results for our clients both in the b2b and b2c sectors. Our large in-house digital marketing team of qualified experts have vast experience of working across all digital platforms such as search engines, media sites, social media e-mail marketing where the PPC model is utilised

• Piranha first started delivering PPC (Pay Per Click) management services in mid-2001

• We have outstanding levels of expertise in delivering results driven PPC campaigns for our clients

• Our management fees are low, clear and well below the average uplift our clients see in PPC Performance

• Our Digital Marketing Management Team consists of highly qualified and Google Accredited professionals who live and breathe digital PPC advertising

• We specialise in both consumer and trade PPC campaigns, with clear objectives for both

• Piranha has an inhouse creative team and website development team so we can design, test and build different landing pages to improve ROI from your PPC campaigns and test new creative concepts

• We have proven case studio across most sectors where we can demonstrate the difference, we have made to our client’s business

• In-depth monthly reporting and communications regarding the effectiveness of campaigns running is provided to all clients as standard 

Start or transfer your PPC (Pay Per Click) management project to Piranha today

Starting your PPC (pay Per Click) project today with Piranha could not be easier. Simply call our head office in Preston, Lancashire on 01772 888331 or fill in one of our enquiry forms and one of our PPC (Pay Per Click) specialists will have a chat to you about your requirements. We may be able to provide a quick quote based on the outcome of the conversation, but we would prefer to come and visit you to learn more about your company and what your targets and conversions rates are

PPC (Pay Per Click) management examples from Piranha

At Piranha, we have been providing fully managed PPC (Pay Per Click) services since we launched in 2001, so as you can imagine, we have plenty of outstanding case studies showcasing the work we have done, the results we have achieved and the difference we have made to our clients business. We have clear return on investment information, click through rate stats, conversion rate optimisation information and many other key performance indicators to back up the success statements we make. This information Is confidential, and we wouldn’t share this without the consent of our clients, but below are some outline examples of the quality of work you can expect from Piranha managing your PPC campaigns

Benefits of PPC (Pay Per Click) and a managed service from Piranha

• Our research enables all budgets and costs to be pre-set- no surprises

• You only pay for clicks so no wastage of budget   

• Media costs direct to you from Google & Bing when managed by Piranha

• Simple, low cost monthly management fee delivered by experts

• Transparent reporting provided every month

• Fully managed service from concept to completion

• B2B and B2C experts in house with expertise in e-commerce solutions and lead generation

• Google qualified team

• In-house creative team to design campaigns

• Better value, better results, lower cost than managing yourself

PPC (Pay Per Click) Our Conclusion at Piranha Digital

The PPC business model has certainly been a disruptive innovation in the advertising industry, providing an answer to that long-standing statement “Half the money I spend on adverting is wasted, I just don’t know which half”.  it’s a superb business model reducing the wastage for clients and allowing clients to pay only for the direct traffic they receive to their website or landing page, irrespective of the amount of impressions or opportunities to view the platform promises.

The growth in PPC Advertising shows little sign of slowing, with the spread continuing from search engines to social media platforms, media website, Blogs and so on. The accountability of this form of advertising linked to the searches being made or the direct profile of customer groups, in our opinion, means it should be one of the first paid for advertising solutions on any marketing plan

Now is the time to start your PPC campaign with Piranha Digital or move your existing PPC  Management account from your existing agency to us. Call us today on 01772 888331 or fill in our online enquiry form for a free consultation and start increasing the volume of online sales or business leads  




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