Piranha Solutions are a digital marketing and media advertising agency in Preston, Manchester, Blackpool and Warrington

Piranha are experts in digital public relations. With extensive experience in online and offline marketing, we can combine the best of both while avoiding the mistakes made in the industry.

Piranha are an award winning, full service digital marketing agency in Preston, Lancashire. We have extensive experience in traditional and online advertising, enabling us to combine the best of both in a comprehensive digital marketing package.

What is digital marketing? Put simply, it is a way of marketing to people who use electronic devices. Digital marketing can help you gain exposure, customers and website traffic, and is an affordable way for your organisation to target a global audience. Our digital campaigns incorporate the elements you need to promote your business; online advertising, email marketing, social media marketing and more.

Digital Strategy

Here at Piranha we can leverage our years of experience as a traditional and internet marketing agency to formulate a top notch digital strategy for your business, designed to meet your marketing objectives. Our marketing strategies cover a wide range of media and technology, from desktop machines to mobile devices, complemented by responsive web design and a comprehensive content strategy. We can help you define the goals and KPIs that your business needs to meet, which can include campaign plans, editorial calendars, process documents, brand guidelines and reporting, to be implemented by us or you.

We offer a full digital marketing service, or a consulting service where we can help you define and outline the strategy for you.

E-commerce Websites

More people are buying products online than ever before. Online sales account for a larger proportion of total sales each year throughout the retail sector. Your website is an integral element of your sales offering. An attractive, usable, profitable website is an asset to any company.

Piranha produce a comprehensive range of e-commerce solutions, ranging from affordable, boutique style solutions through to fully bespoke internet shops. Our expert web design team will ensure that your online presence reflects your brand, your values and your ethics, while showcasing your products and services with a website that is both attractive and functional.

Our hand-chosen team of talented web developers work with a variety platforms to deliver the e-commerce solution that best meets your needs, including Magento Enterprise, Magento, CSCart, and WordPress. We can deliver bespoke functionality to suit the needs of any industry, creating usable, reliable, visually compelling sites that deliver the ideal shopping experience to your customers.

Mobile Websites

With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets in recent years, mobile users represent a significant proportion of all internet traffic, and this percentage is still on the rise. With more visitors than ever accessing your website using a mobile device, delivering an optimal user experience to tablets and mobiles is absolutely critical.

At Piranha, our expert website designers and web developers collaborate to create visually stunning websites that are optimised for mobile browsing from the ground up. Our creative team ensures that our sites are attractive on any device, with responsive designs that look fantastic whether they are viewed on a large projector or a small smartphone screen.

Our developers work with a variety of platforms to deliver a flexible range of functionality to suit the needs of any website, no matter what the application, including Magento Enterprise, Magento, Concrete5, CSCart and WordPress. Whether you need a fully bespoke e-commerce solution or a small scale informational site, Piranha will ensure that your customers enjoy the ideal user experience, no matter what device they are using.


Search engines represent the primary way of navigating the modern web. In our digital world, visibility in search engines can make or break a company. Websites which are well optimised for search engines get found first by customers, which brings high volumes of visitors, more conversions and more profit.

At Piranha, our highly skilled team of search engine consultants provide a comprehensive SEO service to maximise your performance in organic search and ensure that your customers find your website before they find your competitors.

We offer a full complement of services, with SEO campaigns which encompass all aspects of search engine optimisation. This includes all aspects of technical SEO, keyword research, search competitor analysis and on-page optimisation. We provide copywriting services to deliver optimised website copy and high quality web content for optimal search engine performance. Our campaigns also include ‘white hat’, ethical link building services to give your brand maximum web exposure. All our SEO packages include comprehensive reporting to ensure that you always know exactly how well your website is performing.

Adwords and Online Advertising

As a digital agency, we offer pay per click advertising with setup and ongoing adwords campaign management. Building and optimising an account can be extremely difficult, and if your expertise lies elsewhere, it may make sense for you to hire an experienced agency to manage the account for you. Piranha is an official Google Partner agency in Preston, with an individually qualified paid search consultant who is backed by a team of talented PPC specialists in training.

We can select keywords, write adverts, structure campaigns and offer a complete proposal for a new account, or for restructuring an existing account. If you would like to reduce your CPC costs and improve your online advertising spend, get in touch today for a chat about our online advertising services.

Email Marketing

If you want to hire an email marketing agency to conduct your e-mailer campaign, or distribute your newsletter, look no further. We offer high quality B2C and B2B email marketing solutions, which are designed to maximise the value of your contacts database. Our e-shot strategies are designed to follow best practices to ensure minimal bounce rate while eliciting the best possible vertical response. Our in house designers can create a bespoke template for your company which matches your brand message and conversion goals.

Additionally, return on investment can be monitored closely and the method offers a scalable way to reach new prospects and retain existing customers – for example with vouchers and loyalty schemes.

Social Media Marketing

Social media and digital marketing are intertwined, as various social platforms adapt to the needs of business in the 21st century. As a digital media agency, we strive to offer the best social media strategy for B2B and e-commerce clients. We can produce a plan which follows your brand guidelines, and build upon that foundation as part of the management process. Our research will help you discover the natural brand ambassadors that are helping to spread electronic word of mouth about your business, and our managers will use social analytics to help track consumer online brand related activities so you can more effectively exploit the social niche for brand awareness, lead creation and traffic generation.

Video – From Storyboard to Success

Here at Piranha we create intelligent, eye catching video content which is designed to concentrate the facts into an attractive, user friendly package. Our video designers can work with you to create the perfect piece, whether you need a digital product showcase or a scripted, filmed advert for your company. Following digital video production, we offer top notch video content strategy, marketing and publicity packages which incorporate cross platform promotion, coupled with guest blogging, social seeding and PR to promote your video and help it reach its true online viral potential.


Reporting and monitoring is a key part of digital marketing, and we offer simple, effective SEO and PPC reports that offer performance, web traffic and conversion statistics. Our monthly reports always include keyword rankings, traffic data and sales; however they can be tailored to include any key performance indicators you are interested in, whether that’s detailed pay per click data, the number of forms downloaded from your website, or how successful your social media campaigns have been. We use the report data to adjust and improve your advertising strategy, as well as a vehicle to illustrate the success of your digital marketing campaign.

Website Design

As an accomplished and well established digital web agency, we pride ourselves on our experienced website design team. Our development department works closely with our graphic designers and internet marketing team to produce websites that look good, work well and are optimised for search engines, even if you aren’t an SEO client. This ethical approach means the site will be designed with user experience in mind, as well as the ability for search engines to navigate the website with ease.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has become one of the cornerstones of digital marketing. It essentially means producing and sharing top notch content for free, in order to attract traffic, customers and contacts. Our highly skilled content strategists can help you publish content that will help you gain authority and trust in your niche, whether on your own website or offsite through writing for other industry leaders and related websites to let other people know you and your product offering. Whether you want to create link bait or engage in promotional PR, our copywriters will produce work with integrated messaging, that aligns with your business objectives and incorporates cross platform promotion.

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