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At Piranha, we have an experienced management, design and technical team who can manage all aspects of your exhibition for you.

Exhibition Management Services from Piranha

At Piranha, we have an experienced management, design and technical team who can manage all aspects of your exhibition for you. Whether this is something as simple as designing and producing your visual exhibition stand or providing a complete exhibition management service including sourcing the right exhibition, booking the correct space and stand format, dealing with all paper work, liaising with contractors and making the most out of complementary marketing opportunities,, we can provide a tailored solution to relieve the stress from managing it internally leaving you to concentrate on your core business .

Why choose Piranha as your Exhibition Management Partner

At Piranha we can provide a scalable, affordable solution to your exhibition needs. Since 2001, We have been designing and producing exhibition systems for our clients in the UK but also abroad. This has included working with several overseas exhibition providers and contractors to deliver fully manged exhibition solutions for many leading industry exhibitions. This has included in recent years, delivery of a fully managed exhibition for a UK Specialist Seal Manufacturer at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston. This included full management, design of the stand, put up and pull down and a full supporting marketing campaign to attendees. We have also facilitated Air Conditioning Exhibitions in Hong Kong and the USA for a leading provider of Fire-Resistant Ductwork and waste and recycling exhibitions for waste management companies in Europe. We have also designed and produced many lower cost exhibition systems for UK companies who have booked shell schemes with floor spaces as little as nine square metres.

• Piranha first started designing and managing exhibition projects in 2001 and since then we have delivered over 50 individual projects for local, national and international clients with a variety of support packages ranging from design only to full management    

• We have an experienced in-house design and management team able to swiftly turnaround design concept into final exhibition artwork and support you through the project 

• We specialise in both consumer and trade exhibitions and have a forward database of all forthcoming exhibitions across the globe

• We have A strong portfolio of successful exhibition projects and case studies across many industry sectors showcasing our capabilities ranging from design only to full management 

• We can provide a one stop solution from initial creative concept to the delivery of your exhibition, or work with external contractors at all levels. We can also arrange annual storage of your exhibition equipment.

• We often work with our clients preferred exhibition contractor, taking responsibility for branding, design and messaging whilst the contractors build the stand. This way you can stay in control if you want to continue to use your existing hardware but require fresh designs or concepts   

• Our full-service agency can provide support material such as adverts, e-mail campaigns, literature etc to support your exhibition marketing activity


Choose the Right Exhibition

Do your research and select the exhibition that attracts the right type of visitors for your business. Look closely at the published list of visitors from previous exhibitions or those already signed up for the one you are researching. At Piranha we have access to all the upcoming exhibitions and can provide information and guidance to ensure you attend the right one

Set Measurable Goals

Set measurable goals that can be assigned to the exhibition, make these applicable to your business and why you are attending such as the number of follow up appoints set, the number of new leads to be distributed to your sales team, the number of new business quotes issued and ultimately the number of confirmed orders. Setting goals will enable you to compare one exhibition to another or compare different years

Design Your Stand to match your objectives

Your exhibition stand is the first thing people will see so it needs to stand out and attract people to you. The design needs to reinforce the objective you have set for the exhibition, for example to generate sales leads around a new product launch. But remember, an exhibition hall will be busy with much visual noise so make the stand design simple and strong-

Attract People to Your Stand to Start the Conversation

Be ruthless, you are not at the exhibition to provide background information to educate the general public, you want sales and to get sales you need to start a conversation. Include things on your stand designed simply to get people to walk on, perhaps a competition, some entertainment, but avoid being seen as a free bar!  A gimmick works really well to bring people to you; however, it needs to be credible and related to your brand so that it is memorable and not tacky.

Maximise promotional and advertising opportunities

Some exhibition contractors provide great marketing support opportunities and vehicles to communicate with attendees. Use all promotional channels before the event to let people know you are attending and fully utilise the channels provided by the organisers. Do everything you can to get people to visit your stand- a busy stand is a successful company and will make it easier for new customers to visit you


Include interaction on your stand, things that people can see, touch, hear, small or taste. It’s a long day visiting a trade show and people want to exercise all their senses. You will be more memorable if you have some theatre weaved into your corporate presentation

Record everything

Have a system to record everything, make sure you fully understand everything about the visitors to your site. If possible, get them to sign up to receive further information to make yourself GDPR compliant for the future

Follow Up

One of the most important steps of exhibiting is following up on the people who have taken the time to talk to you. If you don’t follow up the leads, then the entire exhibition expenditure will have been wasted

Review and learn

It Is unlikely you will only exhibit once so you need to evaluate your success at meeting your objectives, learn what worked for you and what didn’t, and implement this for the next exhibition you attend

On average, 75% of visitors to an exhibition are there to buy or plan to buy in the future – so make sure your impression is a memorable one! With these tips from Piranha you should be easily on your way to exhibiting success!

Start your Exhibition project with Piranha today

Starting your exhibition project today with Piranha could not be easier. Simply call our head office in Lancashire on 01772 888331 or fill in one of our enquiry forms and one of our design or management team will have a chat to you about your requirements. We may be able to provide a quick quote based on the outcome of the conversation, but we would prefer to come and visit you to learn more about your company and what exhibition you are planning to attend

Exhibition Design examples from Piranha

Here you will see several examples of exhibition systems designed and delivered by Piranha. All our exhibition projects are completely different and can range from supplying a client with a simple 3×3 pop up systems to be used at a small local business event, to fully managing and overseas exhibition including organising all design, installation, consumables and marketing support

Now is the time to start your exhibition design project with Piranha. Call us today on 01772 888331 for a free consultation and start increasing your return on exhibition investment

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