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According to resources such as Wikipedia, Media relations is the term that refers to the relationship that a company, agency or an organisation nurtures with journalists and editorial executives, whilst the term public relations refer to the relationship that extends beyond the media channel to the general public and It is possible for communication between the media and the organisation to be initiated by either side at any time.

Media targets and data

At Piranha we have built up our own trusted list of editorial contacts within many consumer, trade and local media sectors including radio and TV. We have particularly strong relationships with Lancashire’s business editors and lifestyle publications as well as many nationwide industrial, manufacturing, facility management and processing publications and on-line resources.

Supplementing our own media contacts lists, we also subscribe to several on-line resources enabling us to target and distribute news and PR articles to any chosen market sector, not only in the UK, but globally. Please contact us if you would like to know more about the media opportunities in your sector or any vertical market you would like to target, and we can provide core information and audience opportunities and figures.

Consumer media relations

We segment our consumer media contacts by both consumer type and also by interest which means we work closely with editors who work in the same consumer field such as food, or who are targeting similar types of consumers such as single professionals or affluent retired couples.  This ensures the article or press release we distribute is relevant both to the editorial team and also the reader of the publication, website or blog maximising the chances of being considered for publication.

Trade media relations

Our trade media relations are built around industry sectors and also SIC codes so we can target exactly the business sectors your customers will read. This includes social channels, blogs, websites as well as printed journals and magazines. In addition to close relationships with the editors, we also had a good relationship with the media sales departments as often a little ad spend can greatly increase our media opportunities as the two are linked a little more that the national and consumer press

Online channels

More online only media channels are springing up all the time and we have a list of contacts at these non-traditional media outlets. Often there is an additional advantage of submitting content successfully to online channels which is the building of a high-quality link profile to assist with Search Engine Optimisation and improvements in domain authority. Our media teams work closely with the digital marketing team here at Piranha Digital to make sure we maximise the link build opportunities of working with online media platforms.

PR verses Article Content

There is a clear distinction between the type of information media channels require, even more so when we look at purely digital channels. There is a clear distinction between those sites that require news and PR stores and those that require quality articles to include on their site. At Piranha, we have identified what type of content our contacts require and can tailor the type of information to the right channel increasing the likelihood of publication.     

Why Piranha Digital for managing your media relations?

At Piranha we have over 20 years’ experience in designing, planning, creating, writing, photographing and distributing engaging press releases and articles, designed to grab the attention of the editorial team and the final target consumer or trade audience. We understand how to plan and structure press releases and articles and how to  sell them into the appropriate channels which is an essential step in getting the press release or article published, either in print or online in the correct publication.

We have built up our own database of trusted news sites combined with the latest subscription resources, split by geography, consumer profile, interest and industry sector which will publish and host our clients press releases and articles. Many of these news sites enable us to build deep links into the content of the press release, creating positive SEO signals and driving traffic to inner pages which assists our Search Engine Optimisation efforts via improved keyword rankings and site visibility.

Choose Piranha for your next Press Release project.

• PR Knowledge, relationship building, and engaging Press Release and PR campaigns delivered since 2001.

• Satisfied clients across most industry sectors and consumer groups

• Dedicated team of 20 professionals working together to plan, create and deliver your successful PR project.

• Dedicated PR focused account manager and creative director to coordinate your campaign.

• In-house design, photographic and video and planning team to provide additional support to the PR manager.

• Access to a vast network of media channels both traditional and online 

With an enviable history of delivering outstanding PR projects for clients of all sizes across the UK in many diverse industry sectors, we are confident Piranha Digital can become your trusted PR and Press Release distribution partner.

To book your free consultation call us today on 01772 888331 or fill in our online enquiry form and we can arrange the preliminary meeting or Zoom Call to discuss your requirements and provide a competitive and comprehensive quote no matter what the size and scope of you PR campaign.

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