Social Media

Piranha Solutions are a digital marketing and media advertising agency in Preston, Manchester, Blackpool and Warrington

What is social media? Simply put it is a network of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest where people can share opinions, pictures and products, and have them promoted in the social sphere.

Social media marketing is a way to get your product to the people who are most likely to appreciate it. You can connect with your brand ambassadors in a way that feels meaningful to them, and run promotions online for a lesser cost than offline campaigns. Social media integration is especially important when it comes to established brands. You need to ensure that your tone of voice, logos and colours are all commensurate with your brand values and image.  But social can be difficult; doing it yourself can be time consuming and results can be uncertain. Hiring social media consultants ensures an efficient and sales focused approach to social media that will stand you in good stead.

Our social media services include:

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