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Magento 2 boasts faster page loading times and significant improvements to mobile friendliness…

Magento 2 – it’s not a sequel, it’s not even an update

Magento has become the software of choice for many thousands of eCommerce websites world-wide. Launched in 2008, there have been may revisions, updates, and patches over the years but in 2015, a whole new version with completely different architecture hit the Net – Magento 2 (M2).

Adobe, who produces Magento, had continued to offer updates and support for Magento 1 (M1), but as of June 30th of this year, support by the Magento team has ceased. No more updates, fixes for security or bugs; all online resources and support have been removed.

So, what do you do if you have a Magento 1 website? Well, first of all, don’t panic.

Responsible providers of digital marketing, development and support services like Piranha Digital are providing end of life (EOL) support services for clients who aren’t quite ready to migrate to M2.

Your Magento 1 online shop won’t fall off a virtual cyber cliff. It will continue to function. However, over time, parts may start to fail, and it could become more vulnerable to malicious attack from hackers as it moves further from EOL. In addition to this, some payment processors have already stated they will ‘at some point’ stop supporting Magento 1, but no definitive deadlines have been issued at the time of writing.

Therefore, it is expedient to have a plan in place for the future security and functionality of your online shop, essentially this means upgrading to a more up-to-date fully supported system that has regular revisions and security updates to meet the dynamic and at times hostile environment of the Net.

Whilst your Magento 1 shop is working just fine, it can be a difficult decision to invest in what may at present seem an unnecessary cost. The simple fact is you are going to upgrade at some point, so it would be prudent to embrace the situation and invest in an upgrade to a full supported and up-to-date system sooner rather than later and minimise the risk of any potential vulnerability.

So, why Magento 2? Well, foremost, upgrading to M2 will future proof you with a more secure ecommerce operation. It was launched in 2015 and is full supported with extensions and plugins to aid in the development of your custom-built online shop and it is fully compliant and supported by payment processors. M2 boasts faster page loading times and works much better with mobile devices than its predecessor. mCommerce (eCommerce shopping on mobile devices) is expected to rise to 72.9% of all eCommerce transactions by 2021. These and other significant features have been specifically designed into M2 to improve the customer experience and meet the challenges of today’s fast-moving digital arena. They are also key markers with Google and other browsers when it comes to search engine rankings.

If you would like to upgrade your online shop from Magento 1 or other platform to Magento 2 or learn more about our digital marketing services simply contact us today at becreative@piranha.digital or call 01772 888331.